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“You look lonely, miss.”

Cynthia spun on her heels to face the voice that had spoken to her. At first, she was irked. How exactly does someone “look lonely”?

But she was surprised to find a gentle, friendly face looking back at her and her frown slowly lifted into a smile.

“What makes you think I’m alone?” She ask.

“It is the way you look around, miss.” He said, “As if you wish you had someone to share the experience with.”

Cynthia was…stunned. She hadn’t realized she wore it so apparently. She had indeed taken this vacation to Italy all alone. She had invited some friends to come along but well…it would seem that she wasn’t the type of person others wanted in their company.

“Dance with me?” The man said. It wasn’t until now that she noticed there was music in the air from a band playing in the plaza down the street.

“Okay,” She said, somewhat cautiously as she took his hand.

For some reason she hadn’t expected him to twirl her around on the sidewalk but…it was fun. Somehow this little dance with a complete stranger far from home made her lonely trip worth it.